Poodles in Need of Foster/Permanent Homes!

February 24, 2019: These poodles are no longer in need of homes. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please fill out the Home Evaluation form so that we can contact you as soon as we have a poodle that would be a match for you.


We were contacted by another rescue group because of the urgency of this situation. There are five miniature poodles in need of foster or permanent homes. Their owner passed away and the family cannot keep them past this Saturday, January 26. There were a total of eight poodles, but three are being kept by family members. They are all in good health.  There are three females and two males.  They are housebroken, and good with dogs and kids (no toddlers).  Contact Trish 505-907-3791 or email pacatrish@yahoo.com 

Further info: Two of the females are 13 year-old white miniatures. The other is a 10 year-old gray miniature. The two males are 11 year-old black miniatures.

2 thoughts on “Poodles in Need of Foster/Permanent Homes!

    • Stephanie says:

      We have this listing up on our page for another rescue group. If you would like to apply to our rescue, then please fill out the Home Evaluation form on the Rescue page and send it to us. We don’t currently have any dogs in rescue, but that can change quickly and if we have your form we can match you quickly.

      Thank you,

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