February 22, 2019 Meeting

Our February 22 meeting was originally going to feature a grooming demonstration from DeWitt Bolden. However, it’s turned out to not work as well for the club or Mr. Bolden, and it’s now scheduled for June, after the May Specialty Shows.

We will be covering some club business at the February show, and as always, we will share lots of information about poodles!

2 thoughts on “February 22, 2019 Meeting

  1. Greetings…
    I just found your website… I would like to find out if you have any poodles for adoption at this time…
    My husband and I are looking for a small toy. 4-8 pounds.
    Thank you,

    • Stephanie says:

      Our club does not currently have any dogs in rescue. Things can change unexpectedly, and if you will fill out the Home Evaluation on the Rescue page and send it to us we can get in touch with you if we have a dog that will be a good match for you. Sometimes our dogs do not make it onto the page since we already have homes available for them, so applying ahead does help.

      Thank you for your interest!

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